Pros And Cons Of Cantilever Canopies

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Are you looking to shade a large area, such as bleachers by a pool or a playground? If so, you are probably looking into a canopy. Unlike an umbrella, a canopy shields a large area. If you are looking into a canopy, you need to know about the two main types. There are standard canopies and cantilever canopies. Learning about the pros and cons of a cantilever canopy will help you decide if this type is ideal for you.

Cons of a Cantilever Canopy

Can Be a Pain to Pull In and Out

One of the biggest downsides to cantilever canopies is that they can be a pain to pull in and out. You have to pull the canopy out and unwind it when you want to set it up or take it down. The canopies can be bulky and heavy, making them a bit cumbersome to deal with. Should you choose to purchase this product, make sure you do your homework to find out how much the metal support and material weigh. Some metals, such as aluminum, are lighter than other metals, such as steel. Always make sure you have the strength to pull the canopy in and out.

You Have to Maintain the Moving Mechanism

The second downside to cantilever canopies is that they require more maintenance than traditional canopies. Make sure you maintain the moving parts, otherwise they may rust, which can cause your canopy to not work properly. Keeping things lubricated, oiled and protected from all elements will ensure you are on the right path to a long-lasting investment. Properly cleaning and oiling all the parts that move on a cantilever canopy is a must. If you are looking for a low-maintenance canopy, this may not the be the most ideal canopy option for your situation.

Pros of a Cantilever Canopy

Longer Lifespan

Having a cantilever canopy allows you to have a canopy that has a longer lifespan than most. This is a huge perk associated with this type of canopy. The reason this type of canopy has a longer lifespan is because it can easily be removed from the elements. Winter elements, in particular, such as freezing temperatures, ice and hail, can all wreak havoc on your canopy. Unfortunately, it simply isn't easy to remove large, traditional canopies from these elements as the seasons change. But cantilever canopies can be wound, rolled or folded inward. This helps protect them from the elements that can ultimately shorten their lifespan. This gives them the long lifespan that make them a great investment.

Allows You to Use the Canopy Only When Needed 

The second benefit to cantilever canopies is that they can easily be used when needed and put away when they are not needed. When you are underneath a canopy, you are sheltered from the sun. This is perfect on hot days or days when the sun is shining brightly. But on cooler days or days when the sun is hidden away, the canopy can make it darker and cooler than you would like. Being able to pull the canopy up only when needed and being able to keep it tucked away when it is not needed is a huge perk that other types of permanent canopies do not offer.

A canopy can be a costly purchase. As such, it is important that you do your research and find the size, type, material and shape of custom canopy that is perfect for your situation and desires. Weighing the pros and cons of a cantilever canopy will help you decide if this type of canopy is right for you.