Women And Handgun Buying - Questions You Should Ask Yourself

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If you are a woman who lives in the southern part of the United States and have started to explore gun ownership, then you should know that you are not alone. There are a great deal of women between the ages of 18 and 34 who have recently started to own and shoot guns, and 50% of all women gun owners live in the south. If you want to buy your first gun soon, then it may be difficult for you to understand exactly what you want in a firearm. There are a few questions to consider that will help you to narrow down your choices a bit, like the following.

Do You Want To Carry Your Gun?

If you are interested in obtaining a concealed-carry permit and have the appropriate paperwork, background checks, approving judge, and fees arranged for the state that you live in, then you likely want a smaller gun that can be easily concealed. If you are interested in concealing your weapon in a purse or bag, then you should look for a compact, single-stack gun, like a Glock 19 compact 9 mm. This type of gun can sit in a purse or handbag, and so can the other types of compact pistols. If you do purchase one of these guns, then also buy a full-sized holster to protect your gun. A leather holster is best to keep your gun protected.

If you want to carry your gun on your body, then you may need a more compact gun to fit your smaller frame. Guns that are sub-compact are a good choice. The Glock 26 sub-compact is a good example of one of these smaller guns. This type of gun can easily fit into a body holster without causing a bulge in your clothing. You will need to buy a special holster though. A basic skinny rig holster will work if you want to hold your pistol at your hip or stomach. Bra holsters are an option too, that snap onto the underwire of your bra. Undergarment or short holsters that hold your gun against the lower part of your back are something to consider as well.

Are You Concerned About Kickback?

If you are new to owning a gun and shooting, then you may not be immediately comfortable with the way guns work. Guns are extremely powerful weapons that discharge rounds at great velocity. The forward momentum of the bullet will cause backward force that is equal to the amount of forward propulsion. The force is called recoil or kickback, and it can be painful if you have smaller hands and wrists. While a firm grip can help to stabilize your gun and reduce recoil that jars your body, some people do not like strong kickback from their gun.

If you are concerned about kickback, then look for a low-recoil handgun to purchase. Most of these guns are ones that feature small .22 sized rounds. The smaller rounds require less power to force them out of the barrel, and this translates to less recoil. A few examples of small-caliber, low-recoil guns are the Smith & Wesson 351C and the Ruger LC380. 

Also, you should make sure to purchase a good pair of tactical or handgun gloves to help reduce the stress and recoil on your hands and wrists as you practice shooting your new gun.

If you are a woman who wants to purchase and use a handgun, then you will need to take many things into consideration before making your purchase. If you are confused about the options available to you, then make sure to speak with an experienced sporting goods professional at a company that offers guns for sale