Want to Learn a Different Sport? Give Rugby a Try

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There are many sports that you can learn, but one that you may have never played before is rugby. This game originated from a school in England but is also played in the United States and becoming more popular. Because it is something different, it can be exciting to learn, and you can have fun doing it. Below is some information about how rugby is played and tips for training to become a great player.

How Rugby Is Played

Rugby has two teams each having 15 players. When the game starts, a player kicks the ball from the middle of the field and the team that gets the ball must kick, pass, or carry the ball to the opposing teams goal. Once the ball touches the ground in the goal, the team gets a point. To achieve more points, the player that made the goal kicks the ball through the opposing team's cross bar between two goal posts.  

Players on the opposing team can grasp, push, hold, or tackle only the person carrying the ball. You can move in any direction that you want when you have the ball. You can pass the ball to other players, but you have to pass the ball backward and not forward. The game is continuous until someone breaks the rules or if the ball goes out of the field.

Rugby is a contact sport, but not much protective equipment is worn, so it can be dangerous if you do not learn this game correctly.

How to Learn Rugby

You can start out learning rugby by watching DVDs. This will show you the game being played with each stage of the game will be explained to you.  The DVD will explain the rules, the correct way to pass the ball, and more.

There are a variety of DVDs available on the market today. For this reason, it is important that you choose a DVD that is reputable as it is important that you learn the correct way to play the game. You can find DVDs online. It may be difficult to find them in stores as rugby is not a common game people play.

Once you learn the rugby basics, you should look for a trainer in your area. If you cannot find a trainer, you may be able to find a league that plays the game. Within a league, there are likely games for people just starting, and you can move your way up as you learn the game.