Look for These Special Features When You Shop for Volleyball Shoes

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If you're getting serious about playing volleyball, wearing cross trainers isn't going to cut it any longer. Instead, it's time to get shopping for a pair of shoes that were designed specifically for this sport. Volleyball shoes are typically cut low, lightweight, and offer a substantial degree of insole cushioning to protect your feet when you land on the hard gymnasium floor. Many leading shoe manufacturers make volleyball shoes, so you'll have no trouble recognizing whether a shoe's brand is reputable or not. During your shopping experience, try to find a pair of shoes that offers these special features. 

Ankle Support

Even though volleyball shoes are commonly cut low, you want to find a pair that provides you with the necessary ankle support. While you'll often be wearing ankle braces, support from the shoe can help you land with confidence and move to your left and right without the risk of rolling over on one of your ankles. Look for volleyball shoes that are stiff and supportive around the ankles, while also providing a high degree of comfort.

Sole Padding

Consider the position that you typically play on the volleyball court. If you're an attacker who spends much of your time at the net, you'll constantly be jumping as high as you can to block shots and attack the ball. In this case, you'll need adequate sole padding so that you aren't kept on the sidelines with bruised heels after a few games. Lace up some pairs of shoes and jump high, noting how your feet feel when you land. You want to buy shoes that provide a pleasing blend of padding to protect your feet without feeling as though you're walking on thick pads that limit your control.


Lace up a pair of volleyball shoes that you're considering, wipe your palms across the soles to make them stickier, and then practice moving from side to side and from front to back on the floor of the store. Don't be afraid of the squeaking noise you're making — this is an important way to evaluate the traction response from volleyball shoes. You should select a pair in which you can stop and change directions with ease, and that offer little to no sliding when you move laterally or from front to back.

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