Tips For Buying A Horse Riding Helmet

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People don't like to wear helmets. They can get hot when you wear them, mess up your hair and cause it to get flat. They can potentially limit your peripheral vision too. However, helmets, especially for horse riding, are very important because they will help protect your head and neck should you have the misfortune to fall off of your horse. You don't want to get a concussion when it's easily avoidable by simply wearing a good quality helmet. The easiest way to make sure that you actually wear your helmet is for it to at least fit comfortably. Here are some tips for making sure that your helmet fits as comfortable as possible when you purchase it.

1. Try On Both Luxury and Economy Brands

Luxury brands tend to be sold by hat size, meaning there are more options than the small, medium, large, and extra large options that economy helmets offer. This means that if your head size is not exactly one of these standard sizes, you will be able to find a fit that is much closer to what you actually need in a luxury brand. On the other hand, if your head is truly the size small or large, then go with an economy helmet since it will be comfortable.

If you find that one brand of luxury helmet does not fit you well, do some research and see if that type of helmet fits round or square head shapes better. Compare that to the type of head shape that you have. This will allow you to figure out if the issue is that the brand does not fit your specific head shape. Find one that does fit best. Try on as many helmets as possible.

2. Look for Limited Padding

A good helmet will have limited padding because you don't need the bulk if it fits you properly. Economy helmets have padding that can be added or removed to slightly change the size of the helmet for different heads. Luxury helmets have a minimal lining because they tend to fit a lot better. If you can afford a luxury helmet, consider going with that.

3. Look for Shell Molds Closer to Your Size

Both economy and luxury brands will use only a few shell molds for their helmets and then add and subtract material to get a smaller fit. If you have a smaller head but the shell mold was large, you are going to end up with a mushroom head appearance. Instead, find a brand who used a shell model as close to your actual head size as possible to get a good fit and a good look.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in womens horse riding helmets.