Softball Tokens For Team Trading

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Coaching a youth softball league can be a fun and exciting experience. Watching as the children refine their skills and develop a sense of teamwork is rewarding. If you want to encourage that sense of teamwork, you can also invest in some gifts and trading items that will give them something to bond over. Here are a few ideas for things that you can distribute to encourage your softball team's relationship-building throughout the league.

Player Cards

When you do the team photos, one of the things you can inquire about is the possibility of having player cards created. Like the major leagues, these baseball cards will have basic statistics about the player and their time on the team. You can have multiple copies of each player's card printed so that they can trade them among themselves and others in the league without losing their full deck of cards.

Trading Pins

Pins are always a great investment for sports players, because they can wear them on their uniforms, attach them to their gear bags, or put them on their hats. Softball trading pins can be created in the shape of the team's mascot, and can include player numbers if you want to make them personalized. They are usually created from a soft, coated enamel that protects the pins from being scratched or damaged. The back of the pin usually has a closure that will protect the players from being poked by the pin itself. Have many of each pin created so that the players can trade them.

Gear Bag Tags

Zipper tags are great for putting on gear bags because they make it easier for young players to work the zipper on the bag. They are large and easy to grasp. If you have gear bag tags created in a softball shape, or in the shape of your team mascot, you can put player names and numbers on them for identification. Create multiples of each one so that your players can trade them amongst themselves. Then, they can use extra ones for their school backpacks or hang them on their wall.

As you can see, there are many ways to encourage the communication and bonding with trading in your softball team. Creating gifts like these will give them all a reason to work together off the field, especially when it comes to trying to create full collections of these pins, cards, or tags. Talk with a local accessory shop today for more information about the options available to you.