3 Reasons To Coat Your Bolt-Carrier Assembly With Nickel

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The bolt-carrier assembly is the heart of an AR-15, since this group of parts acts as the action of the weapon. The bolt carrier encases the bolt and ensures that the hammer is reset after each shot taken.

The importance of the bolt carrier group requires that these parts be as durable as possible. Durability can depend largely on the type of coating used to protect the raw metal bolt carrier and bolt. Nickel coatings can provide you with the perfect balance between performance and affordability.

1. Low Friction

One of the greatest advantages that a nickel coating can offer when it comes to the performance of your AR-15's bolt-carrier assembly is extremely low friction. The bolt carrier and bolt are plated with a thin coat of nickel using a specialized chemical technique.

Since the nickel adheres to the metal surface on its own, the result is a smooth bolt-carrier assembly that will not generate friction when your AR-15 is fired. 

2. Simple Maintenance

All firearms require regular maintenance to ensure that they are in good condition and can fire safely. Some guns require more maintenance than others. An AR-15 that is equipped with a nickel plated bolt-carrier assembly requires only the most basic maintenance.

The smoothness of the nickel plating reduces friction, which means that you will not need to use a lubricant to get your AR-15 firing smoothly. A reduction in lubricant use keeps your weapon free from residue buildup, making the gun a lot easier to clean.

3. Desirable Aesthetic

A weapon cannot be merely function for most gun enthusiasts, it should be nice to look at as well. Upgrading the coating on your bolt-carrier assembly can give your AR-15 a modern and sleek appearance.

The nickel plating applied to the bolt carrier and bolt generates a shiny silver surface. This highly-reflective coating will be sure to make your gun a showstopper each time you use the weapon at your local gun range.

Specialized coatings are used to enhance the desirability of an AR-15. A nickel coating for the bolt-carrier assembly can be a great option for improving the performance and convenience of your own AR-15 in the future.

Nickel plating creates a smooth, durable, and attractive surface that can make your weapon even more enjoyable to shoot and maintain. Consider nickel when choosing the time to apply a new coating to your rifle's bolt-carrier assembly arrives.