Hosting A Nighttime Basketball Birthday Party

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If you have a child who is going to have a birthday during one of the warmer months of the year, and they are an avid basketball fan, consider hosting an event with this sport as the main focus. Switch up the process by holding the event during the nighttime hours. Here are some tips to get you started.

Purchase The Right Supplies

Since your child's guests are playing basketball at night, you need to dress up your sporting supplies to ensure everyone is able to see and perform proper gameplay. Purchase glow bracelets or necklaces and string them together. Attached these to the basketball rim so it is viewable from anywhere on the court. For the ball itself, consider purchasing one that glows in the dark. When the ball is dribbled or thrown, all guests are sure to be astounded by the theatrics of the sporting actions taken. Invest in a few black lights to place on tables positioned around the perimeter of the proposed play area.

Let Participants Know The Dress Code

Children intending on playing basketball during the birthday party want to wear clothing that stands out during gameplay. Since the theme involves items that glow in the dark, encourage all the attendees to wear light-colored clothing. When the black lights are turned on, the clothing glows and helps to promote excitement for the game. Since there is a need for two teams, purchase neon vests for one team to wear during the games being played. Alert guests via invitations to add accessories to their wardrobe in light or neon colors to add to the flair of the extravaganza.

Add Ample Lighting To The Entire Court Area

In addition to black lights, you need additional lighting to keep children safe while playing basketball. Do not illuminate the court too much, but add enough to brighten the playing field so the surface people are playing on is seen effectively. To do this, use floodlights, solar lamps, or holiday light strings positioned along the perimeter of the court. These are helpful if the glow-in-the-dark basketball loses some of its illumination due to prolonged gameplay. Simply hold the ball up to one of the lights for several seconds to rejuvenate its glow in the dark property. If lighting becomes too intense, turn off a few sources during gameplay and turn them back on in between each match being played.  

For more information about using a glow-in-the-dark basketball, contact a local sporting goods store.